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In respect of Master Huang's devoted spirits, students of Master Huang has formed Melaka Taichi Huang Association. The president of the association is the student of Master Huang - Chief Instructor Teh Pek Chin.

Melaka Tai Chi Huang Association's objectives is to develope and spread Tai Chi Quan, as well as to provide a healthy life to all the people.

The course syllabus:

(1) Beginners Class : Learning adjusting movement, original stance and short form 37 steps.
(2) Intermediate Class : After beginners class, members are to continue the principles of Tai Chi, basic Pushing Hand and advance short form 37 steps technique.
(3) Advance Class : After intermediate class, members are to continue to long form 108 Steps  Technique and Pushing Hand learning.
(4) Instructor Training Class: more principle of Tai Chi etc.

Beginners and intermediate class take 6 months of learning period, while advance class takes a year to complete. Instructor training class depends.

Classes are on every Monday and Thursday, from 8.00pm to 9.30pm at Notre Dame primary school's basketball court, Gajah Berang.

Any inquiries please refer to Mr. Tan (012-6802635), or e-mail to info@taichihuangmk.com.


Song of Huang's Tai Chi

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